Author Mike Sigman to neijia list 24 Mar 1995:

> Folding in this case seems to be presented as the linking principle and as
> integral to receiving energy.

When the body is linked as a unit and is being driven by peng strength, the series of open-close-open-close (etc.) is constantly flowing. So in a sense your idea of linking is correct, because this folding is the precursor closing to the opening of the final move. You can read the same flow in "to go left, you must first go right, to go up, you must first go down" etc. This is all due to the open-to-close-to-open way in which the body moves.

The external harmonies (wai san ho) actually reflect that same connectedness and dependence on the open-close sequencing. Also, the open-close endless change is one of the reasons for the name Taiji and its symbolization with the yin-yang symbol.

Folding can be seen in another sense, too. If you grab my wrist, I may make a closing movement, shifting my jing path to hit you with jing out the elbow; if you grab my elbow, I may fold or remove strength from the elbow, so that my jing is expressed by kao from the shoulder or chest or back, etc. In this sense, you are also completing the circle.... if you push my left shoulder, I will close that side while changing the jing path to go out my right arm so that I am completing the circle that you started.

Hard to say in just a few words. Hope it helps.


Mike Sigman


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